An Indian Wedding: Rebbeca and Omar united two hearts in a magical atmosphere

A wedding is just a small moment in time that forever ties two hearts together. This pinnacle moment deserves a setting as magical and special as those two joining souls. 

To celebrate their momentous moment in time, Rebbeca and Omar chose a setting that highlighted their love story, enchanted their guests, and would live on forever through the test of time. Nestled in the heart of the Czech Republic, the incredible Castle Loucen captivated all who walked through its doors for a wedding like no other. With picturesque landscapes and lush gardens, guests were swept off their feet and transported into another world… a world of beauty, harmony, and the joining of two diverse backgrounds. 

Bringing together two families to be ever intertwined, the couple was able to make the castle theirs for the evening with beautiful decorations and flowers representing their rich Indian culture. As Rebbeca and Omar start their new chapter together, their love story’s greatest moment will forever be filled with romance and joy in an atmosphere fit for a queen and king. As the two pledged their love and dedication to each other, pure bliss illuminated through each supporting smile from friends and family. 

As the evening changed to night, the two enjoyed each dance, connection, laugh, and moment not as two souls but as one perfectly joined couple. A moment in time passes all too soon, but if a moment like this stunning wedding is done perfectly… the moment will last a lifetime.



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