The famous burlesque got married! The bride with a crown, a feast in a palace and a swan lake

Stephanie van der Strumpf is a well-known dancer and actress who has become famous for her performances in burlesque clubs around the world. When she approached me with a request to film her wedding, I was thrilled. The photographers who were shooting the wedding had traveled from France and Italy, and it was an interesting experience for me. Her wedding was a grand social event, attended by guests from all over the world. Among them were other celebrities, such as American actor and director Spike Lee. The wedding was truly extravagant and magnificent. The ceremony took place in a church, the reception was held in a palace, and there was even a string orchestra and ballerinas from Swan Lake!

The wedding dinner and subsequent party were held at Prague Castle, specifically at Lobkowicz Palace with a magnificent view of old Prague. A four-course dinner was served, including the traditional beef sirloin, which was also enjoyed by the present Norwegians. As part of the program, soloists from the National Theater such as Nikola Marova and Alina Nana danced to music from Swan Lake, performed by members of the symphony orchestra. You can also watch a shortened version of this video, which you can easily share on your favorite social media platforms.


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